Zarzaur Law, P.A. – Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer Joe Zarzaur and Dr. Evan Malone discuss the complexities of common forms of nerve damage caused by a car wreck.

The nerves are the most susceptible to injury in places where they travel through narrow spaces and have little soft tissue to protect them. Inflammation or pressure on a nerve coming from the spine may cause neck or low back pain.

Most common forms of nerve damage that happen to victims of car accidents:
– Pinched nerve
Also known as a compressed nerve, a pinched nerve is just that—a nerve that is pinched.

– Whiplash
This is a common injury from car accidents and affects over 2 million Americans a year.

– Neuropathy
In the peripheral nervous system, nerves can become damaged or inflamed, which leads to neuropathy, or the disruption of nerve signals.

– Radiculopathy
A radiculopathy is a specific form of neuropathy that occurs in the spine.

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