How are private banks and wealth managers entering the crypto space? How are family offices and HNWIs trying to get exposure to this new asset class?

I discuss these topics in-depth on my Future of Money podcast this week with James Quinn, Managing Partner of Q9 Capital

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0:00 – Introduction and background of James Quinn, Managing Director of Q9 Capital. James then gives the listeners a bit of background on Q9 Capital, their clients, and what sort of services they offer.

3:46 – James shares some insights on the growing awareness of the crypto ecosystem within the private banking, family office, and wealth management sector, from what clients are looking for as far as exposure to why some private banks remain hesitant to invest in the space.

15:14 – Henri and James discuss what makes crypto so exciting compared to other types of assets before James gives a behind-the-scenes look into what went into building the Q9 platform.

18:25 – Henri and James shift over to discuss the booming DeFi space and how (and when) the wealth management sector will begin seriously interacting with decentralised finance.

21:47 – Henri and James share their thoughts on why so many actors in traditional finance remain hostile towards crypto before laying out a road map of some of the products and trading instruments we might see high net worth individuals begin to explore, from ETFs to crypto derivatives. James also talks about what catalyzes people to invest in crypto.

26:49 – Henri and his bell hit James with a rapid fire round of questions, with James sharing everything from his university course recommendations and what heโ€™d like to have if he were stranded on an island to what he expects the price of Bitcoin to be over the coming years.

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