Last week President Biden announced he was considering student loan forgiveness of some amount. $50 thousand appears to be off the table. But $10 thousand is in play.

Even if he decides against blanket cancellation, the Education Department has been busy overhauling existing student loan forgiveness programs under his watch. Those changes have led to the government erasing $17 billion in debt for 725,000 borrowers. The beneficiaries include public servants, permanently disabled people, those who were defrauded by failed for-profit schools, and people who are paying their loans back under an income-driven repayment plan.

And the improvements don’t stop there. The department has also announced that it will reset the accounts of millions of borrowers in default. This is on top of the current interest-free payment pause, which will end this August.

This video goes over how those fixes work and what you can do to apply for relief.

00:00 Intro
00:46 Biden preparing to forgive student loans
02:00 IDR forgiveness credit
04:50 Forbearance steering
07:01 PSLF Limited Waiver
08:50 Disability discharge
11:04 Borrower defense
13:44 Navient settlement
16:03 Payments resume Sept. 1
17:43 Default help
19:11 Audience questions

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