Florida injury lawyer Robert Gluck would like to talk to you about the timing of hiring a lawyer after a car accident. Robert Gluck has been practicing law since 1989. He is an expert in the field of litigation and has been handling Florida car accident-related cases for 33 years.

According to personal injury lawyer Robert Gluck, t’s never too early to hire a lawyer after a car accident. Insurance companies will routinely contact victims of car accidents to take statements. This may seem completely harmless, however, everything you say in this recorded conversation will and can be used against you. Many insurance companies don’t want you to know they are hoping you do NOT hire a lawyer right away, especially if it’s the other driver’s fault. They will ask you questions about the accident, but also about your previous medical history and other aspects of the case that can hurt your claim. Hiring a lawyer can protect you against questions that are outside the scope of what would be appropriate and what you are and are not required to answer. Even when it comes to witnesses, it is best to have your lawyer speak to the witness before the insurance companies do. There are many reasons why hiring a lawyer right after a car accident can help you in the future. Watch our short video to learn more about when you should hire a lawyer after a car accident.

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Who is Robert Gluck
Robert Gluck graduated from the University of Miami Law School (cum laude) in 1989. He has been a practicing trial lawyer for over 32 years. Robert Gluck’s career started as an Assistant State Attorney, working for Janet Reno in the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office. While working as an Assistant State Attorney, he gained a great deal of experience in the courtroom, being involved in over 47 jury trials during that time. From 1991 until 1997 he spent time working as an attorney in two large law firms, handling Florida Personal Injury Claims, through settlement or Jury Trial, as well as handling many other types of cases including Criminal Defense Cases.

In 1998, he went into private practice and opened his own law office in the Fort Lauderdale / Plantation Florida area. A few years later, he opened his second office in Naples, to better serve his growing list of West Coast clients.

Words from Robert Gluck
“I saw how frustrating it was for clients who tried to establish a relationship with a Florida attorney in a multi-lawyer law firm, frequently dealing with different attorneys each time they visited. This made it difficult to maintain accurate records of what was happening in each Florida Personal Injury case, and the attorneys were not reachable for their clients.

This led to my decision to be the only attorney in my office while relying on incredible support staff. This eliminates the problem of not knowing what is going on with each case; I know them all personally. Over the past twenty-eight years, I have gotten to know my clients personally as well. All clients have access to my cell phone number, and I am available for meetings at their convenience.”

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