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Listen as California Lawyer Frank Nunes details what is involved in a person injury case.

After you first seek medical treatment, contact an attorney to conduct an investigation of the facts. These facts can then be presented to the other party’s insurance company, and negotiation begins to take place.

We will first obtain your written authorization before accepting any settlement proposal. If there is no settlement, then a lawsuit may be required. If so, the lawsuit phase will start with discovery, a more formal process of collecting facts through sworn statements and documents. After completing discovery, we will likely attempt to settle the case through a process called mediation.

During mediation we will meet with a neutral third party, and each side will present the facts of their case toward reaching a fair compromise. If the case is still not resolved in mediation, we will then get set for trial. During the trial phase, we will appear before the court to explain our facts, and either a judge or jury will decide the outcome of the case. Watch the video to learn more.

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