In this video, we will look at what a fair settlement offer is for a rear-end auto accident case.

Our firm has settled over a thousand of rear-end accident cases over the years. So we know how much these cases are worth and what a fair settlement offer should look like.

The video talks about what fair value often looks like in these cases. But just keep in mind that fair value should never be the goal. The insurance company is trying to pay you as little as possible. If you are shooting for fair settlement value, you are likely to come up short. You should be trying to get every penny that you can in compensation for your injuries.

We have handled over 1,000 rear-end accident cases. If you want to see sample verdicts and settlements we have received and more thoughts on the settlement value of these cases, this is a good place to visit:

That said, what drives the train of settlement value is also more what the injuries are. That will be the single more important variable with respect to the amount of an accident settlement in the lion’s share of cases.
To learn more about the value of auto accident cases and how much certain types of injuries are worth in a settlement, visit our page on valuing auto accident claims.