What happens if someone else driving my car gets in an accident?

Car Accident

Hello, everybody out there in social media land, it’s your personal injury, family law attorney, Derek Bernstein here to answer more legal questions today in the area of car accidents. So we’re going hit you up with this question. What happens if someone else driving my car gets in an accident? So I’m going approach to this two ways. What happens if someone else driving my car gets into an accident. So one thing is, your friend hit somebody, and then there’s your friend got hit by somebody. So first your friend gets hit by somebody they could go after you as the car under, under your insurance, depending what their insurance and things look like and depending on what your insurance looks like. So they could go after your insurance or go after you, depending on the car, the make the model, and how operational was, they could sue you as well as they’re going to sue the person who hit them. So don’t be surprised to that.

Now, if they hit somebody, you’re going to probably get, not probably, you’re going to get sued if the person was obviously injured because under dangerous instrumentality, there’s vicarious liability. Meaning if you lend your car to your friend, you already know this dangerous thing could hurt somebody, so you are liable if your friend goes out there and hits somebody, they are going to sue the owner of the vehicle. That sucks. That sucks. Your friend drove like an idiot. What are you talking about? I told him not, he was drunk. Unless they stole your car. If you gave them the keys to go and drive you, you can be on the hook if they get into an accident so don’t lend your car to people, make them Uber, pay their Uber. It’s way better than letting them do that.

And things get complicated in this arena, but you would put your insurance on notice of this happening and they will provide an attorney for you and hopefully, it’s not your friend’s fault, hopefully, the person they injured, isn’t very hurt. So it’s the same kind of thing if you’ve ever been a car crash in reverse, you’re defending it, and it sucks because you didn’t do anything wrong, except don’t lend your car out to people because vicarious liability, dangerous sense mentality will catch you and it sucks. So keep those questions coming guys, rent your friends Ubers. Don’t give them your car keys, and click like and subscribe. I appreciate it.