Kyle Bachus is a founding partner at the Colorado law firm Bachus & Schanker and an expert car accident attorney with over 25 years of experience. In this video, Mr. Bachus examines the most common injuries that can happen after a car accident:

A car accident can throw and jerk the head and neck in unnatural ways. Even accidents at low speeds can cause the neck muscles to stretch and strain. The common name for injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the head and neck area is called whiplash.

Scrapes And Cuts
Scrapes and cuts occur in many ways in an accident. Many car accidents involve broken glass. Even tiny pieces of glass can cause a great deal of damage. Trauma from impact can also cause scrapes and cuts.

Concussion And Traumatic Brain Injury
The brain isn’t made to withstand sudden force. A brain injury is any sudden jarring of the brain. Even without a skull injury, an internal brain injury can be a severe injury with potentially lifelong consequences.

Broken Ribs
Ribs are a common car accident injury because the ribs are fragile. If you suffer a rib injury, it can cause significant pain and difficulty breathing. Sometimes, car accident victims overlook broken ribs as just aches and pains.

Broken And Dislocated Hips
The sudden trauma of a car accident can break or dislocate the hip. A broken or dislocated hip can mean a long, slow recovery. There are often multiple surgeries involved.

Bruises/Internal Bleeding
When bleeding happens internally within the body, it’s called bruising. Internal bleeding can be serious. It’s important to seek emergency medical attention when you have any car accident injuries, because you may not be aware of a potentially serious injury like internal bleeding.

Herniated Discs And Spine Injuries
The stress and force of a car accident can cause the spine to shift suddenly. A herniated disc is a very painful injury.

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