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other field dentistry also has new technology which helps in the diagnosis of the treatment, better treatment modalities and better treatment outcomes. Digital x-rays, gone are the days when we used to use x-ray film that need to be developed and exposed. Now with the advent of digital technologies x-rays can be taken in a snap shot. Also digital x-rays have 6 times lesser radiation exposure compared to a regular x-ray film. The development of dental lasers has made dental treatments less painful and more predictable. The use of dental lasers in gum diseases in tooth whitening procedures and also to treat dental decay has been used. It reduces the need for anaesthesia and the treatment outcome is less painful. Dental implants are nothing but titanium inserts that are shaped like the shape of the root hat are placed into the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth. Conventionally to replace a single missing tooth the adjacent two natural teeth are ground down to support it with a fixed partial denture but with the advent of dental implants this has been obsolete, you can replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth using a fixed implant dentures. Dental clinics can be a potential source of infection and the disease can spread form the patients and the doctors to contaminated instruments, materials, or equipment it is necessary that the dental clinics follows good infection control procedures so that the risk of spread of infection. With newer technologies the user of B class autoclaves, the instruments can be completely sterilised and reducing the risk of infections which may include even hepatitis or HIV. So a dentist or a dental clinic which follows these protocols of good infection control and the use of B class autoclaves is an important factor. Also the instruments can be sealed and pouched and the dentist can see with a colour coding that is present on the sealed pouches whether the instruments are completely sterile before they are used.