This video defines-What is an algorithm?
Gives details of basic Google algorithms Updates 2020
What are major changes in SEO for 2020 Expected?
Tips for SEO for 2020

What is an algorithm?- A finite number of steps written in a particular computer language of computer to get specific task done by computer.

Google Algorithms-

When you type “Best coaching centers in Delhi” the search engine returns unlimited of results back.
An algorithm actually decides which results to give you, and in which order?.
Google has many complex algorithms for giving search results, and keeps on updating them frequently as per time.

Google’s algorithm does this work by searching on all Web pages on internet which contain the keywords or text you have given to search. It firstly assigns a rank to each webpage based on several factors like how many times the keywords are appearing on the particular page. High ranked pages appear up in Google’s search engine results page (SERP), which reflects that the best available links related to your search query are the first ones Google lists.


What are major changes in SEO for 2020? –

Google is going to be competing more heavily with Amazon.
In 2019, Google released a Buy on Google feature,
More people are going to get the information that they need through rich snippets

Tips for 2020

Become a master at uncovering search intent i.e work upon your keywords.
Write compelling Titles
Use keywords in your title that your competition isn’t using
Writing amazing meta descriptions that people want to click through and read

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