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With 100,000 Colorado residents set to lose their unemployment benefits in September, there are thousands of employers trying to fill almost 127,000 jobs. We’re hearing some pretty conflicting stories from both sides of these stats.

Employers are having to hire social media experts to put out job ads to attract more people. They’re not getting very many applicants. On the flip side, you have a woman named Brandi from Denver who said: “I have yet to find a job, employers won’t respond, call you back, send a text, or send a smoke signal. All I hear are the crickets of heaven.”

The U.S. Census Bureau of Labor Statistics is taking into account people other than Brandi. Like people who are looking for work and are not on unemployment. There are also people available to work and have just been discouraged from working and gave up.

So when people say that there’s a labor shortage because people got lazy while on unemployment, it’s just not that simple. There are a lot of factors that go into these kinds of stats. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

Another state that’s actually showing very low unemployment numbers: Wyoming. We talked about Wyoming yesterday. It’s the fourth best state to live in, in terms of work-life balance.

Wyoming unemployment numbers fell from 5.4% to 5.2% in just the last month. Teton county has the lowest unemployment rate in the state, at 2.8%. Teton county also has the highest vaccination rate of 71.6%.

Next up, we have the story of one mother who is about to lose unemployment and is caught in an unfortunate bind that many of you could also be in.

The future of 7.5 million people who are losing unemployment remains unknown. One Pennsylvania woman named Amanda Rhinehart doesn’t have a choice but to stay home and take care of her child — who is too young to get the vaccine.

Now that the delta variant is going around, Rhinehart is frustrated about the terrible timing of the unemployment benefits coming to an end. She said: “Right now, a year later, the coronavirus is still out there and it’s affecting kids.”

Now let’s talk about Texas and when they’re officially ending their unemployment benefits. For the most part, we’re seeing that the date for unemployment’s last day would be Labor Day. Texas, on the other hand, is ending theirs on September 11th.

Even for Texans who still have a balance on their claim, that date is definitely official. This comes after Texas’ unemployment rate dropped to 6.2% in July and continues to drop. If you’re from Texas, I definitely want to hear your take on this, so let me know what you think in the comments below.

Finally, let’s talk about how another state might be forced to continue their benefits beyond the Labor Day cut off. Right now, Florida is being sued for cutting unemployment benefits early, like many other states we’ve talked about.

The judge is still currently making a decision on whether these cancelled unemployment benefits will be paid in full. If this goes through, like it has with many states, that would mean the people of Florida will receive their retroactive payments.

Lawmakers still aren’t sure when that will be or how long that process will last. It’s looking like it might move past the September deadline.