Socket preservation after tooth extraction.

3D video of Clinica Médico Dental Pardiñas ( about the treatment performed after a tooth extraction to prevent alveolar resorption.

It shows how two teeth are lost due to decay, how they are extracted, and how the sockets are filled with bone and then covered with a membrane. It is also shown how the graft heals and the subsequent dental implants placement there.

This technique helps to prevent bone atrophy due to a dental extraction. It consists of filling the socket with a bone graft and thereafter covered with a membrane. The bone healing process will take several months depending on the material used and the membrane will gradually be reabsorbed. Once the bone is consolidated, implants could be placed.

Grafts help us recover lost tissues due to different causes, either by dental extractions, cysts or need to increase the amount of bone to perform a satisfactory rehabilitation treatment.
In the case of dental implants, for its placement it is necessary to have a certain amount of bone, both in height and width and quality.
The use of different types of grafts help us solve this lack of tissue.

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