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Three situations when you need a car accident lawyer

If you’re involved in a car accident you don’t necessarily require the help of a car accident lawyer to submit a claim. But there are certainly situations, which I’ll quickly run through, when a car accident lawyer absolutely should be used in order to help you claim everything you’re entitled to.

In NSW, approximately 12,000 people are injured in a car accident every year. Many of these injuries are classified as minor, such as soft tissue injuries, bruising and whiplash. With minor injuries, you’ll likely submit an ‘application for personal injury benefits’ but you probably don’t need a lawyer at all to help with this as it’s relatively straight forward.
However, there are a number of situations where you should definitely consider using a car accident lawyer to make sure you get your full entitlements, and in many cases the CTP insurer will pay your legal fees. Let’s run through some of them.

Situation 1
You’re receiving personal injury benefits, but you believe you are being underpaid – a car accident lawyer can help you dispute the insurer’s decision.

Situation 2
Your injuries have been classified as minor, meaning you’re not entitled to make a lump sum claim but you believe your injuries have worsened over time. In this situation, a car accident lawyer can help you get your injuries reassessed, and potentially claim a significant lump sum.

Situation 3
Your injuries are classified as non-minor, and you’re entitled to make a lump sum claim. These lump sums can be significant, and it’s likely you’ll get a much better result using a car accident lawyer.

To get a better understanding of what a car accident lawyer can do for you, let’s take a look at a real life example.

This example has stuck in my mind for many years. I went out to our Erina office to see someone about a car accident he had been in a few years prior.

It was a fairly significant accident with some fairly substantial injuries.

Up until this point he had represented himself as he was confident he could handle the insurer himself and sue some money.

He had gotten to the point of negotiation. He wanted $80,000 dollars. The insurers first offer was $5,000. After some back and forth the insurer had gotten up to 30,000 but he was holding firm at 80,000.

After we were engaged we gathered some medical evidence, obtained statements from his family members about the impact on his life, got reports from an independent doctor and the insurer ended up paying around $200,000 as a settlement.

It just goes to show to a significant rate a car accident lawyer can play in maximising your entitlements.

Hopefully this has been helpful to you, but if you’re still unsure about when to use a car accident lawyer or need help with your claim, call Law Partners and you can have a confidential conversation with one of our specialist car accident lawyers today.