The top google algorithm updates of 2021 | Google algorithm update 2021
So today, we’re going to cover the eight most impactful Google algorithm updates of 2021 in chronological order. These include:

1. Passage ranking
2. About this result
3. Product reviews
4. MUM (Multitask Unified Model)
5. Link spam
6. Mobile-first indexing
7. Page experience
8. Page titles

The top Google algorithm updates of 2021 (chronological)
Google is always rolling out algorithm updates, sometimes announcing them outright and other times in passing—depending on the importance and impact of the update. The biggest update of 2021, of course, is the page experience update, but let’s take a look at what else has changed leading up to that.

1. Passage ranking update (February 2021)
With the passage ranking update, Google can now use artificial intelligence to index not only web pages, but individual passages (paragraphs, sentences) from those pages. This means that specific passages can show up as the featured snippet. The aim is to quickly answer very specific queries, instead of making the user comb through the relevant web page to find it.
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