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The Google Panda Algorithm first hit webmasters several years ago, but recently the chatter has increased due to Google making tweaks to the Panda algorithm. For those of you new to SEO, the Google Panda algorithm might be a big confusing mess. But don’t worry, it really isn’t that hard to understand. This article will go over a full explanation of what the Google Panda algorithm is and what you need to be aware of.

First Things First, What Is An “Algorithm”?

I’ll let you look up the exact definition of “algorithm”. For the purposes of this article, I will simply describe what an algorithm is in Google’s eyes. The Google algorithm is a series of metrics to determine if a website is high quality or not. There are over 250 different factors that make up the Google algorithm and nobody knows what these exact metrics are. The Google Panda algorithm, therefore, is just one small piece of the overall algorithm at Google.

Here’s an example… Google can track user behavior on websites. Say, for instance, 100 people find your competitors website, but 75 of them only view one page before hitting the back button and returning to the search results. This means, your competitor has a “bounce rate” of 75%. Now, let’s say 100 people find your site, but only 30 of them return to the search results after visiting one page. That means, you have a bounce rate of just 30%. In general, Google will view your site as higher quality than your competitors based on your bounce rate and will possibly rank your site higher in search results because of that.

The “bounce rate” on your site is just one factor of many, so having a low bounce rate doesn’t automatically mean you will rank highly. But if you get all of the “ingredients” correct on your site, chance are you’ll do pretty well for yourself.

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