The 8 Biggest Google Algorithm Updates of 2021 (+Optimization Tips)
Google is always evolving its algorithm to ensure it is surfacing the most accurate, relevant, and secure pages for its users. And each year, it seems to introduce more and more updates per year.

Knowing what sort of updates have taken place will help you to stay in line with SEO best practices, improve your rankings, and also understand any reasons behind performance shifts.
So today, we’re going to cover the eight most impactful Google algorithm updates of 2021 in chronological order. These include:

#Passage ranking update
#About this result update
3Product reviews update
#MUM update
#Link spam update
#Mobile-first indexing update
#Page experience update
#Page titles update
We’ll also provide tips on how to optimize your content according to these updates.

Google algorithm updates of 2021 [recap]
SEO is a comprehensive and progressive strategy, and updates shouldn’t impact your rankings too much as long as you stay focused on EAT and best practices. But as a marketer, webmaster, or business owner, it’s important to monitor updates and report on your performance so you can refine your strategy and leverage existing opportunities. The updates we covered in this post are:

Passage ranking update
About this result update
Product reviews update
MUM update
Link spam update
Mobile-first indexing update
Page experience update
Page titles update