Dr. Grant Olson shares the 6 Secrets to understanding the cost of dental implants.

The 6 Secrets to knowing the Cost / Price of Dental Implants

#1 – The Implant
This is the cost of the actual implant itself.
FDA Approved vs non-FDA Approved • Longer, Shorter, Wider • Titanium vs Ceramic • Mini vs. Standard Size
All of these factors contribute to the overall cost of the dental implant process.

#2 – The Providers
The number of doctors involved in the procedure can greatly affect the total cost of dental implants. Typically there can be as many as 4 doctors plus an outside lab.
One doctor for the surgery, one for the smile, one for the anesthesiology, and one for the maintenance. Having more providers involved also increases the chance of miscommunication happening.

#3 – The Process
Many times you will pay for unnecessary steps and procedures that add to the overall cost of the treatment. Extractions, bone grafting, and temporary dentures are all things that can increase the cost that comes with multiple visits. Guided implant placement is one factor that can greatly reduce the total cost of dental implants.

#4 – The Skill
The experience and philosophy of the doctor is very important. Their workflow, speed, and efficiency are key. The least expensive way to do implants is to definitely get it done correctly the first time!

#5 – The Lab
The cost of the prosthetic, or final teeth, that will screw into the implants makes up around 40% of the overall cost. At Innovative Dental, we are bringing everything in house to save our patients thousands and give you the best experience and results!

#6 – The Material
The material that the teeth are made out of affects cost. Plastic, acrylic, resin, ceramic, and the gold standard and very best permanent material is zirconia. Each of these materials take different skills to finish and make look the most natural. They also have varying degrees of resilience and durability. Some last only a year or so and some materials will last decades.

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