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I was involved in an accident at a gas station. I was standing there getting ready to pump gas. when I was walking behind the vehicle, another vehicle came up from behind rammed into me pinning me between both vehicles. This was at Fort Bragg, I was a solder at the time and I had a pretty bad knee injury as a result of the accident.

When I was struck by the other vehicle, the driver of the other vehicle continued to step on the accelerator and actually forced my vehicle to move two feet forward even though the breaks were on and everything. I was leaned over the hood screaming in pain and agony and finally some others who were near the scene came by and got the driver out of the vehicle and finally pulled that vehicle away.

The other driver was just not paying attention. The other driver was apparently having an argument with his girlfriend. Once the car was backed up and I was laying on the ground, emergency medical services came, took me directly to the emergency room. You know you hear certain commercials and certain commercials really stick to you and James Scott Farrin kept popping into my head.

I spoke to my wife, I said hey you know let’s give them a shot because we don’t know what’s going to happen from here. We don’t know the extent of the injury is number one. Number two or what kind of other medical expenses we will incur and I called the office of James Scott Farrin and within the day they had a representative over at my home and explaining what the steps were going to be throughout the process.