Taishin Financial Holding Co., Ltd (Taishin FHC) is a bank- centric financial holding company.
In 1992, Taishin International Bank (Taishin Bank) was established under the leadership of Chairman Thomas Wu. Taishin Bank has been committed to the philosophy and spirit of “innovation” since its inauguration, and expected itself to become a Smart Partner of its customers.
Taishin FHC was founded in 2002 for the purpose of providing a more comprehensive and diversified range of services. Taishin FHC employs innovative business models to set an example for its subsidiaries and affiliates including Taishin Bank, Taishin Securities, Taishin Securities Investment Trust, Taishin Securi- ties Investment Advisory, Taishin Venture Capital Investment, and Taishin Asset Management and provides a range of services that are more comprehensive and better meet the market demands.
The vision is to become one of the top financial groups in the Chinese-speaking world.

Official website:https://www.taishinholdings.com.tw/index.jsp