Dental Implant Procedure

Appointment 1 (Day 1): 3D X-ray (CBCT) and a digital impression are taken.

Appointment 2 (Day 21): Dental implant is placed surgically with a surgical guide. The surgical guide enables the dentist to place the implant accurately without seeing the actual jaw bone, therefore, making the surgery minimally invasive. After the implant is securely placed, a healing abutment is placed.

Appointment 3 (Day 28): Dentist checks if the implant site is healing well.

Appointment 4 (Day 140): The healing abutment is removed, an impression post is placed, and impressions are taken for a crown fabrication at the lab. The healing abutment is placed back.

Appointment 5 (Day 154): The crown (screw-retained) is finally ready. The healing abutment is removed, and the crown is screwed in. Dentist checks if it fits well. If fit is confirmed, the screw is further tightened, and the hole is filled with teflon tape and dental composite resin.

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