[Romanian] Podcast Series about innovation through open banking releases the fifth episode regarding AIS – Account Information Services. Find out more about these open banking related services, usability, addressability, use-cases, and future trends from this insightful discussion with Bogdana Breban (PM & Scrum Master), Gabriela Guta (Business Analyst) and Marin Chitan (Product owner Smart Accounts).
Some highlights: Account Information Services (AIS) grant access to a customer’s financial data, aggregated from all user’s bank accounts (with explicit consent) to an authorised Third Party Provider (TPP), in a secure way.
The Revised Payment Services Directive, known as PSD2, opens the financial sector to other authorised players as well (apart from the banks and their traditional services), known as Third Party Providers (TPPs).
By using these services, financial platforms will practically have unlimited possibilities to innovate, for example with financial management and predictions, deep selling, scoring or profiling, savings&investments opportunities, etc.