Dr. Tiffany Dudley from the Spodak Dental Group is here today to explain the ins and outs of sedation!

So what you might not know about sedation is that there are multiple types you can ask for when you go to your dental office. The types that we offer here are:

1. Nitrous oxide: You have a little hood you put on your nose from which you’ll be able to inhale some gas. It’s a great form of sedation because you can bring yourself to your appointment and you can drive yourself home! Nitrous oxide is a gas and it works by getting into your bloodstream when you inhale. The benefits of it are that as soon as you turn it on, it works, and as soon as you turn it off, it’s gone.

2. IV sedation: This is also commonly referred to as Twilight Sedation. In this instance, you get an IV in either your hand or your arm, and you are given medication that makes you feel sleepy. You wake up, and your procedure is over!

So what procedures are done under sedation? Most commonly, patients use nitrous oxide sedation for cleanings and also small procedures like fillings, crowns or root canals. It’s a great option for patients who don’t want to be fully sedated or use IV sedation.

When Dr. Dudley sees patients for IV sedation, the most common reason they’re coming for it is fear. If you’re scared of the dentist, haven’t seen a dentist in a number of years, or have lots of dental work that needs to be completed, and you just have high anxiety or don’t want want to sit for it, most patients ask if they can be put out and have everything taken care of in one visit. The answer at Spodak Dental Group is yes!

If you have any questions about the types of sedation we use here at Spodak Dental Group, or would like to schedule an appointment to see if you’re a candidate for sedation dentistry, please don’t hesitate to contact our office! You can call or text (561) 303-2413 or email inform@spodakdental.com to speak with one of our team members!