Should we forgive student loan debt? I talk with Justine of The College Investor on the pros and cons of student loan debt forgiveness. Who do you agree with?

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Our points for and against student loan debt forgiveness:
It frees up money for borrowers to use on other debt to pay it off.

Student loan forgiveness is going to raise your taxes. That is tens of billions of dollars the government is going to have to pay for somehow.

Specifically for borrowers who make under $125,000 so it really helps out the people who most need it.

Yeah forgive student loans, forgive all debt, how is this fair?

$10,000 forgiveness and $20,000 forgiveness for Pell Grant recipients can be life changing money!

So you forgive all student loan debt and those people are freed up to spend money on everything else. What do you think that does to inflation?

Tuition is already impossible to cover. A little bit of forgiveness can go a long way.

The universities are just going to take advantage of loan forgiveness to raise their prices.

This student loan forgiveness wipes out completely student loan debt for 20 million borrowers.

The U.S. government already owes more than $27 trillion dollars! This is going to add another half trillion dollars to that amount!

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