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Google Search Console stats within SERPS

This includes Clicks Impressions and Average Position. May be encouraging more people to engage with the product – Preciously re branded from Webmaster Tools to encourage more people to use it and not fear it. Source: Search Engine Roundtable.

Google confirms ‘small’ search ranking algorithm update this past week. Google has confirmed today that it made a “small” algorithm update to its search ranking system this past week.

Danny Sullivan from Google said on Twitter “We haven’t had a major update of that nature, but we did have a smaller one this week.” Source: Search Engine Land

Google Automatically Logs Users Into Chrome

The concern raised by some is that users will unknowingly be sending their browsing data to Google. Recently, Google released a new version of its Chrome browser (Chrome 69)

It has a new sync feature that connects the browser to other Google properties such as Gmail or YouTube, so when you log into Gmail, you’re automatically logged into Chrome. Source: Search Engine Land

Happy birthday Google
Thanks for the last 20 years, without you I wouldn’t have a job or a YouTube channel. Or maybe I would be a gaming YouTuber – who knows… Source: Search Engine Land

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