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1st February | Bing announced more importance to lastmod in sitemaps

1st February | Google announced enhanced video indexing report in Google Search Console

6th February | Google launched BARD

7th February | Microsoft announced AI powered Bing

8th February | Google announced Multisearch Near Me

10th February | Google announced Lighthouse 10 and removed TTI (Time To Interactive) from lighthouse score,of%20the%20overall%20performance%20score

14th February | Google announced privacy sandbox

15th February | Google published best practice guide for links

16th February | YouTube’s CEO resigned

19th February | Meta launched blue tick subscription service

22nd February | Google started rolling out Product Review Update

22nd February | Google Search Console launched property management options

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SEO Last Month March 2023 | Latest Updates From Google Search, Google Ads, and Bing in Hindi

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