SO, WHAT GIVES? Well, for starters, SBA living in a pandemic bubble. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? They are not agile to understand your story. However, your story may have holes in it. So now what do you do?

HOW to complete 4506T based on HOW we see SBA completing it INCORRECTLY:

How to complete 4506T

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💥 We are Business Financing Brokers and Disaster Financing Specialists. We help you get cashflow into your business so you can run your business. Financing Solutions to Build Your Business. We are not a lender nor do we represent the SBA. Our recommendations and suggestions are based on our 30+ years of experience with a Government loan program.

We started Aurora Consulting inspired by a conversation over dinner with our new neighbors. He went to the bank, they spent considerable time (and his money) processing the loan application. He needed $500,000. After months of processing the bank approved $50,000. He said, “I think you left off a zero.”

Our role as your financing Broker is to review all relevant documents, including a credit report, in the early stages of your request, before the application, before we’ve even started conversing with a Bank/Lender.

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