This video is about, Rules For Successful Blogging: Protect Your Site From Google Search Algorithm Updates.

From this video, you will get an idea about how to become successful in blogging. Because in this video, I have discussed the beginner’s mistakes that should be avoided to become a successful blogger. I have discussed 10 things you should not do and 5 things you should follow if you want to protect your website ranking from any google algorithm update like google core update, google spam update, google policy update, etc.

This successful blogging strategy will boost your make money blogging journey. If you follow these blogging tips you will be able to maintain googles policy and your website will never get google spam strikes. If so, your website ranking will never get negatively affected by any google algorithm update. Instead, your website ranking will be higher day by day.

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1:55 10 Beginner’s Mistakes That Should Be Avoided For Successful Blogging
11:40 5 Successful Blogging Strategies

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So guys If you are going to follow my rules I can guarantee you your website will never be negatively affected by any google search algorithm update. These Successful blogging strategies might be helpful for you to make money by blogging.