My Journey from Active Lifestyle to Disability: A Dental Cautionary Tale

This video tells the deeply personal story of Anna, who became disabled and confined to a wheelchair following dental procedures that replaced metal dental materials with white fillings. Anna’s journey of illness began with a root canal procedure performed by her trusted dentist. Over the years, her health deteriorated due to complications and misdiagnoses, leading to a decade-long struggle to uncover the truth behind her suffering. Through extensive research, she discovered the toxicity of white dental materials and the dangers of calcium hydroxide extrusion and cavitations caused by improper dental practices. Despite the obstacles and lack of professional support, Anna took steps towards healing after identifying the root causes of her conditions, including skeletal fluorosis and systemic inflammation. Her story highlights the risks associated with dental procedures and materials, the importance of awareness and research, and the challenges of seeking justice and medical understanding in facing such health issues.

0:00 My disability journey
01:33 Early Warnings
02:43 My Story
04:11 Visit Dentist
06:50 Fluoride Toxicity
10:19 The Key Picture
12:18 Calcium Hyroxide Extrusion
17:18 Cavitations
20:09 Toxicity of White Dental Fillings
20:48 Legal Issues
20:48 Summary
21:38 The Final Favourable Outcome