Stephen Sharer lie detector test on private security guard JB went exactly according to plan! You saw in “LIE DETECTOR REVEALS HER TRUE IDENTITY!! (She Was Undercover as Ellen Mystery Neighbor)” JB was actually an evil imposter and was Ellen the mystery neighbor in disguise. When we were spying on her all around Los Angeles she went to Starbucks and then a top secret high security bank vault where she deposited the diamond for my 10 million Subscriber Youtube Play Button! In last vlog “EVIL MYSTERY NEIGHBOR CLONES TRAP ME in HOSPITAL!!” you saw Ellen’s evil twins clone just like the evil society in Rebecca Zamolo vlogs. I ended up in the hospital again just like Ben Azelart, and the Ellen mystery neighbor clones at the abandoned hospital ended up helping us with super spy ninja training to help us break into the bank vault without getting caught by security guards or the FBI swat team. We did rob a bank training simulator and laser maze obstacle course to prepare for this bank robbery. Stephen share will have to complete different challenges and levels in each bank room of this abandoned bank to get to the secret bank vault without setting off any security alarms or booby traps, but we do not want to get trapped inside for 24 hours or more. We could get stuck and have to do an escape room from the police! There will definitely be world’s strongest lazer for the laser room leading to the money vault. Something weird is going on, maybe my best friend is a YouTube hacker? We have to be first to rob bank and steal this $100,000 diamond to keep it for my youtube diamond play button so I can hit 10,000,000 subscribers!

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