A non fatal accident in Raidurgam Police Station limits on 31.03.2022. Fortunately, biker sustained simple injuries.

Mistakes of Car driver:
1. Wrong Over taking:
Motor Vehicles Driving Regulations 2017, Regulation 14 Over taking: (1) A motor vehicle shall not overtake any other road user unless it is safe and not in violation of the provisions of the Act or the rules made thereunder or any other law for the time being in force.
(2) A vehicle shall be overtaken only from the right side
2. Not maintaining safe distance:
Motor Vehicles Driving Regulations 2017, Regulation 17
Keeping safe distance.- (1)A driver driving behind another vehicle shall keep sufficient distance, commensurate with the traffic conditions, from the vehicle ahead, so as to be able to stop (pull up) safely if the vehicle
ahead suddenly slows down or stops.
3. Not following lane discipline:
Motor Vehicles Driving Regulations 2017, Regulation 6 (Lane Discipline):
(6) The driver shall not drive on or over a single or double longitudinal solid line, or on a painted traffic island except in case of obstructions on the road.
Other observations:
Regulation 15 Merging in Traffic:
(4) Before and while merging in the traffic, the driver shall keep a close watch on the traffic through rear view mirror and side-view mirrors and signal his intention to merge.
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