What is a removable partial denture and how does it work?

3d video of Pardiñas Clinic (http://j.mp/cPardinas) on removable partial dentures.

This kind of prostheses are a treatment for replacing missing teeth and bone structures that are atrophied over time, through buccal devices with artificial teeth, which can and must be removed from the mouth to facilitate the cleaning of both prosthesis and oral cavity. After a variable time of adaptation, they improve chewing, aesthetics and speech.

These removable prostheses are attached to some natural teeth by non-rigid devices, called retainers (also known colloquially as “hooks”) and, in some cases, also rest on the mucosa of the edentulous areas. For these reasons, when biting on them a certain swaying is noticed, so the mastication is not as effective as with natural teeth.

-Over time, the remaining natural teeth change position, especially those that are “pushed” by the prosthesis and, in addition, the bone on which they rest also changes its shape, with which these devices get mismatched, producing some discomfort, including ulcerations, which require adaptation by the dentist and, after a variable time, replacement by another new prosthesis.
-Metal elements, and to a lesser extent acrylic elements, may experience fractures with use. These fractures require immediate repair to avoid possible problems caused by broken structures.
-As for chewing, removable prostheses are not able to replace the original teeth. Its capacity of cutting and crushing, as well as the force that we can exert on this type of prosthesis is less than that which can be exerted on our teeth.
-The balancing characteristic of this type of prosthesis means that, above all, foods that are fragmented into small, hard particles (such as nuts), can be introduced under the denture, with the discomfort that this causes.

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