Welcome to Cliento – your ultimate automation solution for contact collection and messaging! In this video, we’ll introduce you to Cliento, a powerful Python project developed by Priyanshu Kushwaha.

Store Link: https://store.codestam.com/

Cliento streamlines the process of conducting Google searches, extracting relevant data from search results, and collecting email addresses and phone numbers from the extracted text. With Cliento, you can easily automate the tedious task of gathering contact information from various sources.

Key Features of Cliento:

Google Search Automation: Cliento automates the process of conducting Google searches based on specified queries, saving you time and effort.
Data Extraction: It intelligently extracts relevant data from the search results, including text containing email addresses and phone numbers.
Contact Details Collection: Cliento efficiently collects email addresses and phone numbers from the extracted text using regular expressions.
Messaging Functionality: Once the contact details are collected, Cliento provides seamless functionality to send messages to the collected contacts, streamlining your communication process.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand your outreach, a marketer seeking to streamline lead generation, or an individual looking to automate repetitive tasks, Cliento is the perfect solution for you!

Join us in this video as we walk you through the installation process, demonstrate how to use Cliento to automate contact collection, and showcase its messaging functionality in action.

Ready to supercharge your workflow and save countless hours? Watch the video now and discover the endless possibilities with Cliento!

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