Are you interested in dental assisting, or in just learning more about dentistry and how a dental office runs? Have you ever considered expanding your personal knowledge or training into the field of dental assisting, maybe considering seeking employment in the dental assisting field? If you have, then this is the course for you!

When you sign on to this course with 23 sections all loaded to the brim, you’ll have access to a deep and wide knowledge base condensed from years of clinical experience and practice into a mere 4 hours of high quality and compelling HD video.

Lectures Included:

Introduction to Dental Assisting
General Dentistry Overview
The Dental Team
Patient Advocacy
Dental Assistant Responsibilities
Patient Interactions
Radiographs Dental Anatomy
Common Dental Procedures
Dental Impressions
Tooth Preparation
Direct Restoration
Indirect Restoration
Fixed Prosthodontics
Removable Prosthetics
Oral Surgery
Dental Implant Prosthetics
Continuing Care
Professional Development
Whether you are interested in discovering everything there is to know about dental assisting, or want to focus in on one particular facet therein, this is the course for you.


Dave King, DDS