Watch this video to know the important factors necessary for the success of a post and core procedure. Knowledge of post and core procedure is important to save many badly broken down or hopeless teeth which otherwise would be extracted.

This video covers all the important factors for improving the retention and resistance form of the restoration to prevent it against fracture and increase its longevity.

The factors discussed here are
1) Components of Post and Core
2) Ferrule and Ferrule Effect
3) Retention and Resistance Form
4) Post Length
5) Post Diameter
6) Post Surface / Texture
7) Post cementation
8) Post Taper
9) Preservation of Remaining tooth structure
10) Root configuration
11) Occlusal Considerations

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Watch the Part 2 to know the steps involved in the post and core technique for both customized cast posts and prefabricated fibre posts….

POST AND CORE (Part-2) / SIMPLE STEPS FOR POST & CORE PROCEDURE / Customized VS Prefabricated Post.
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