John Kelly is a Phoenix car accident lawyer and in this video he explains the process of going through a car accident case with his firm and highlights a couple of actual clients and their experience working with the firm, through their car accident case. For more information, please visit us online at

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– When people are injured in an accident, their life turns upside down. What they’ve known in the past changes for their future. Their injuries, their medical expenses, their families, these are all stressful things that they have to deal with and they don’t always know where to turn.

– [Client] When I got out I could see the car was a total wreck.

– I was in intensive care, I think it was about nine days. We realized, not knowing all the details in the new country, we need help.

– We want to know how the accident occurred, get to know our clients, make sure that we’re face to face with them and really can relate to their experience. I ended up prosecuting major crimes for just under five years before opening my own practice. I saw the other side of things and I understand the human emotion behind the victim.

– They were acting professionally and quite clear on what they were going to do. He said that he would keep contact, do his best to get the case resolved as quickly as possible.

– During the whole time, I was really not afraid. It is good to know that they are on your side.

– We’re often doing things like using video demands, communicating with our clients, we’re going to the scene, we’re going to their homes and working with them to make sure that those victim’s voices are really heard. If you don’t get the right team in place and put the team to work gathering evidence and making sure you’re establishing your claim early, you put yourself at a disadvantage. We’re helping them piece their lives back together. Making sure that they’re understanding that they have a hope in the future. That there’s a lawyer that will help them so that their future needs are taken care of.