Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer John Kelly tells how a passenger can maximize recovery if involved in an auto accident in Phoenix. In most cases, as a passsenger, you’re not at fault in any way. If you would like to talk with an experienced attorney about injuries you sustained in a car accident while riding as a passenger, contact the Kelly Law Team for a free consultation.

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Hello, this is John Kelly of the Kelly Law Team. I want to talk to you about when you’re a passenger in an accident.

When you’re a passenger, you’re in a unique scenario in that you’re not going to have fault for the accident at all. If you’re the driver, sometimes the insurance companies can try to attribute some fault to you. So say someone turned left in front of you and you ended up hitting them, the other person might be 80 percent at fault, they find you 20 percent at fault. If you’re a passenger, you don’t have that scenario. The only unique circumstance is if they could say you distracted the driver, which is pretty rare. So you can make a full recovery, but it’s often times going to be split between the other parties and the driver that you had. Sometimes there’s a scenario where the other party is 100% at fault, you recover completely from them, but often times, there’s split liability in these scenarios, and that’s okay.

What you need to know is that the insurance policies that the other driver have and the policy that your driver have are both going to come into play. So you want to get as much information about the driver’s policy and the other driver’s policy. Then, you know you can make a complete recovery, and so you want to work on your damages, and that includes making sure that you’re going to the doctor, you’re getting diagnosed for your injuries, you’re taking photographs of your recovery process, you’re taking notes about what you’ve been through, and communicating with the adjusters and possibly your attorney about what all you’ve been through.

In these type of situations, I often consult clients. I have a team of an attorney, an investigator, paralegals that are all working to help establish a claim for you. If you’ve been in this type of accident and have the scenario where you’re a passenger, I have a team of professionals, there’s paralegals, investigators, and we can all help you maximize your recovery. We make sure that we’re taken care of finding out exactly what the other policy insurance information is and getting your damages built up so that we can present that to the adjusters in a way that will maximize your recovery.

If you have any questions regarding a passenger accident, please give me a call, 602-283-4122.