Apply for up to $25,000 in personal injury funding as an advance against your future, anticipated case settlement. You sell a fractional interest in your case to Justice Litigation Capital LLC ( today and get cash fast. In return, the company effectively invests in the outcome of your case and takes a fair return on the back end, if and when you recovery. In the off chance that you lose your case or never recover, then you keep the purchase price and walk away without further obligation. In either case, you (the injured plaintiff) continue to own a large interest in your future case recovery and, most importantly, you and your injury attorney control all decision making until your case is resolved. Justice Litigation Capital LLC will never interfere with your litigation decisions or seek to influence you or your attorney in any particular direction.

Our product is not a loan. It is an investment in your case that allows you to take out cash now and use that money for whatever personal needs you may have. This empowers plaintiffs to continue litigating and not fold and settle for cheap under the delay and pressure tactics of liability insurance companies. It’s a win-win.

Best of all, our rate structure is fair, transparent, and among the lowest costing in the consumer injury litigation funding industry.

Apply online now and we will cooperatively work with you and your legal counsel to underwrite your funding request fast.

Note that only purchases interests in personal injury cases (no workman’s compensation matters) for injuries that occur within the State of California.