Dangers of Jaywalking :Jaywalking is particularly dangerous because in a collision between a vehicle of any size and a pedestrian, the person is likely to receive very serious injuries. That is why it is so important that pedestrians do what they can to reduce the risk of accidents and avoid jaywalking whenever possible. If crosswalks are not available, pedestrians should cross at intersections, and should cross streets when permitted to do so by traffic lights. Never step out into traffic, and minimize distractions like cell phones and headphones. Wear light colored or reflective clothing if you are walking, jogging or running in low light conditions, and always be sure to look both ways before crossing any street or road.
Pedestrians Safety Principles:

DOs :
Walk on any side of road if there are footpaths.
On roads having no footpath, walk on extreme right side facing the oncoming traffic.
Always use Zebra Crossing. Foot Over- Bridge & Subways to cross the road.
Cross the road when the vehicles are at a safe distance.
Wear light coloured dresses during night.
Pedestrians should also obey traffic signals.
Help the children, old people and handicapped persons to cross the road.
While walking on the road, always notice the movement of vehicles.

Don’ts :
Do not cross the road in hurry or by running.
Never cross the road in front of or in between parked vehicles.
It is very dangerous to cross the road at blind corners turnings, etc where you are not visible to vehicle drivers.
Do not jump over the railings to crossroad.
While crossing the road first look to the right and then look to the left and again to the right. After being ensured that there is no vehicle approaching you, cross the road. Don’t hesitate and change your decision suddenly.
Don’t talk with others standing on the road.
Pedestrian crossings, footpaths and cycle tracks.- (1) While approaching an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing,
the driver shall slowdown, stop and give way to pedestrians, users of invalid carriages and wheelchairs.
(2) If traffic has come to a standstill, the driver shall not drive the vehicle on the pedestrian crossing if he is
unlikely to be able to move further and thereby block the pedestrian crossing.
(3) When any road is provided with a footpath or cycle track, no vehicle shall drive on such footpath or track,
except on the directions of a police officer in uniform or where traffic signs permitting such movement have
been displayed.
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