Dr. Judy begins this session by reading an email from a dental specialist who refused to preform dentals on dogs who had been fed grain free food. Even though she is not a fan of grain free dry kibble for dogs or cats, she also makes it a point to share that our pets do not need grain in their diets. She’s upset that this specialist is trying to force his way of feeding upon pet parents otherwise he will not render his services to their pets. Dr. Judy advises that she’s written a ton of blogs on grain-free diets which can be found on her website. The conversation then turns to what pain medications may be used before and after our pets’ dental procedures. In general, her answer is that it is a case by case answer. She covers the various medications which could be used as well as the alternatives to traditional meds. The key to managing pain in pets is to use preemptive treatments before the procedures. Nerve blocks will help with this. She concludes with saying that anesthesiologists are pain management experts. (Recorded 6/08/21)

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