NV® PRO3 Microlaser Procedures with Timothy F. Kosinski, DDS, MAGD


Top 5 Dental Laser Procedures


DenMat is a leader in innovative, high-quality dental products designed for improved efficiency among dental professionals. DenMat recognizes the value of quality products and services on patient outcomes. The majority of DenMat products are manufactured at its headquarters in Lompoc, California, in the heart of California’s central coast.

Why laser dentistry?
Clinicians who use dental lasers perform more procedures, quicker, with amazing results compared to those who use traditional methods. Lasers like the NVPRO3, and SOL Desktop Laser – cut, cauterize, coagulate and sterilize soft-tissue for various dental procedures. Their patients also benefit from expedited treatment with less overall discomfort.

Clinician Benefit:
• Incremental revenue through additional procedures
• Increased patient acceptance
• Generate patient referrals
Production Efficiency:
• Improved access and field-of-vision
• Decreased treatment time in many cases
• Reduced impression retakes
Patient Comfort:
• Healthier approach to tissue management as compared to a scalpel or electrosurge*
• Minimal need for anesthesia
• Reduction in post-operative discomfort

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