Don’t Sabotage Your North Carolina Car Accident Claim

I’m David Henson of Henson Fuerst law firm. Car accidents happen in an instant—with sometimes serious long-term effects on those involved. At Henson Fuerst, we help people injured in car accidents every day.

After a car accident, an insurance company will be contacting you about your case. You need to decide quickly — do you want to do what is best for you, or for them?

All too often, we see injured people doing 5 things that ends up helping the insurance company and hurting themselves. Here are the 5 DON’T’s:

1. Don’t Give a Recorded Statement Without Consulting an Attorney

2. Don’t Post on Social Media About Your Injury or Claim

3. Don’t Forego Medical Care

4. Don’t Use Online “Pain and Suffering” Calculators

5. Don’t Believe Hearsay, or Misinformation

Insurance companies profit from denying you compensation for injuries sustained in a car accident. Don’t make it easier for them. Learn more about how Henson Fuerst car accident attorneys can help you after an accident.

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