As a marketer, the great mystery behind Google’s consistent algorithm updates can be both frustrating and intriguing at the same time. Google typically announces large algorithm updates in advance which, in turn, prompts discussion and speculation among SEOs and website owners. This can lead to misinformation, confusion, and false guidance.

It’s crucial to pinpoint how these updates impact your organic search visibility to ensure you maximize your website’s reach to its fullest potential.

While we can’t know what algorithm update will come next, we can revisit the abundance of previous updates to identify common patterns and predict how Google Search will continue to evolve.

Our friends at NP Digital recently helped us demystify how Google search algorithm updates work and why Google frequently updates its ranking systems during a live webinar. During the webinar, we explored the most recent impactful updates to take place over the past few years including the numerous product review updates, updates to its Helpful Content system, spam updates, and core updates.

In this recap video, we’ll share the top takeaways discussed during the webinar around each update. Read on to learn more.