Monroe Accident Lawyer Ross Downs Car Accident and lawsuit Litigation in Monroe

Personal injury attorneys often represent car accident victims. Ross Downs of The Downs Law Firm handles car accident litigation for clients in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.

In car accident litigation, the outcome depends on the cause of the accident. Most collisions are the result of driver error, such as speeding, following too closely and unsafe passing. Alcohol and drugs also seriously impair a driver’s ability to make decisions. Drivers who are intoxicated are responsible for many car accident injuries each year.

Sometimes, the problem is with the vehicle. For example, brake failure or a tire blowout can result in an accident. Manufacturer’s defects can also be at fault, such as a faulty seatbelt or an airbag that deploys improperly.

Litigation in a personal injury case can be challenging in some circumstances. For example, pedestrians hit by a motor vehicle often have difficulty proving their case. Accidents caused by road debris are also tough because the state may limit liability based on the length of time debris was on the road.

When the driver at fault does not have insurance coverage, it is hard to collect an award. Experts recommend that drivers carry uninsured motorist coverage to protect against uninsured drivers. Instead of bringing a suit against the driver who caused the accident, the victim sues his or her own insurance company for damages.

With all of the challenges involved in car accident litigation, it is important to hire a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney. Ross Downs of The Downs Law Firm practices personal injury law in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.