HOPE: As of April 21st Google is changing their search algorithms to EXPAND the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal and it will impact every language, every search, worldwide. Here to fill us in on these changes is Mobile Tech expert Mark Cyr. Thanks for coming back to the Daley Dose Mark!
MARK: This algorithm change is a big deal so I’m glad you had me back on to help explain it to folks. Let’s start with why this change matters…90% of mobile search is done on Google. If you want to keep getting organic search traffic to your site, if you want leads, customers, work and bottom line – to make money, then you absolutely have to make sure your site is Mobile-Friendly as of April 21st.
HOPE: We get work from all over the country thanks to our website, it’s ranking and Google. I certainly do not want to set MY business up to take a hit like this. I’m sure our viewers would agree with that sentiment for their own business.
MARK: If your site isn’t deemed mobile-friendly on the 21st you could lose up to 75% of your organic traffic from Google.
HOPE: OUCH! That would definitely hurt. Our site is being re-done to meet these requirements right now.
MARK: Smart move Hope.
HOPE: If people don’t know if their site is mobile-friendly what can they do?
MARK: There’s a simple test. Go to the site at the bottom of the screen here and enter your website address. (
HOPE: Are there other factors folks should weigh in regard to a successful mobile site?
MARK: Yes there are! Content is key.
HOPE: What do you mean by content?
MARK: web pages, blog posts, web forms, infographics, VIDEO and still images. Update it regularly and do NOT duplicate it. Delete it or make it original or it’ll cost you in the eyes of Google.
HOPE: What about good old key words?
MARK: Keyword density is still important although not quite as much as it was in past years. Go too heavy on it and you’ll get penalized and flagged as spam but it is important to have relevant and meaningful keywords in your web copy, particularly the first 100 words.
HOPE: Here are a few other things to consider for mobile-friendly ranking – Bullets and numbered lists, multimedia, video, GRAMMAR, internal and outgoing link quality and even the reading level of your audience.
MARK: Other factors to consider are: A site map, contact us page, terms of service and Privacy pages, site uptime, server location, SSL certificate and Domain trust.
HOPE: If folks have questions on this as it’s pretty technical terminology can they contact you?
MARK: Absolutely. Contact me for questions or assistance in getting your site mobile-friendly for the big Google change.
HOPE: thank you Mark. It’s great to have an expert to call on when things like this come up. I appreciate your time and knowledge and I know our audience does too.

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