In late May 2022, Google released another “broad core algorithm update”.

Compared to some recent updates, this one has had a significant impact on many sites (at least based on discussions and data I have seen from webmasters and site owners in Facebook groups, forums and other discussion platforms that I participate in).

Some of my own sites have been affected; some positively, and some negatively.

In this video I give my initial impressions/thoughts on the May 2022 Google algorithm update and what might be some of the factors that have driven Google’s decision to roll out this update (as well as what they are targeting in terms of content that is being “demoted”)

This is very much an “open discussion” video – I’ve actually got another video in the works that goes into more detail about the May 2022 Google broad core algorithm update, but for now I just wanted to share my initial take.

What are your thoughts about this Google algorithm update? How have you been affected? It would be great to hear from you.