This week Marie discusses the latest in the SEO world, including:

Early thoughts on the May 2020 core update
How to stay up to date on algorithm changes
How to determine whether your traffic changed due to an update or Coronavirus
Web Vitals from Google
GSC now supports Special Announcement structured data
Gary Illyes on the importance of page speed
Does old, out of date content bring down Google’s perception of quality for your site?
Don’t resubmit a second reconsideration request if you have one still pending
How long does it take for Google to deindex pages if your site goes down?
Should you use emojis in your snippets?
Interesting info about Google looking at the intent of a query
Does the location of a link on the page change its value?
Can you get a search box in the SERPS by adding schema?
Do non-canonical versions of pages eat up crawl budget?
Why your articles may get deindexed
Let’s talk about Backlinko’s ranking study
Google has slashed its marketing budget
AMP stories are now web stories
A possible serious issue with Yoast
Local SEO: Possible update? Connected to the core update?
Local SEO: Form for GMB name spam
Local SEO: March reviews are beginning to surface in GMB dashboards
Q&A: Should I use expired domains to help rank my website?

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