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Why some Korean accident attorneys are so eager to reduce their fees?

An insurance adjuster recently told me that she knows which attorneys try cases and which ones, when asked by clients, simply reduce their fees and accept their low offers. They are considered rollover personal injury lawyers. Generally, because of this reputation they obtain significantly less as a recovery. Funny, therefor, the next time you think your attorney is easy to deal with when you ask for a reduction, understand the carrier finds him easy also.

In other words, in today’s world, where past settlement recoveries are noted by a carrier, the nice old school lawyer gets you significantly less. So ask around, if your attorney can be manipulated by clients, bet for sure he’s being manipulated by the big carriers.

Maybe its time to use a lawyer that actually has seen the inside of the courtroom recently? I have. Yesterday, and I continue to battle in court every week. Future recoveries are based on past results. Go to lunch with the nice rollover lawyer, but don’t use him in 2014 to fight a billion dollar carrier.