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In this video, I go over what we’ve learned since the recent Google algorithm updates, including the helpful content, hidden gems, and product review updates. We also go over what you can currently do to continue to rank on Google and some of the current SEO best practices.

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00:00 Intro
02:23 What Is Helpful Content?
03:31 Low-Quality Content Mistakes
04:28 Topical Authority Mistakes
06:00 Page Experience
06:33 AI Has Changed Blogging
07:57 Improve Your Reader’s Experience
09:20 How To Audit Your Site
10:48 Page Experience
12:53 Content Ratio
14:20 EEAT
15:45 Remove Low Quality Content
17:42 Future-Proof Your Content
19:00 Diversify Revenue Streams
19:30 Free Blogging Masterclass