The resolution of personal injury claims takes up to four years. This can put tremendous strain on your financial resources. You may have missed work or be out of work entirely because of the accident. Your cash reserves are getting smaller and your friends and family are tapped out themselves, especially in these difficult times.
Perhaps the only asset you have is your claim. And banks will not accept it as collateral for a personal loan. And even though you and your attorneys believe in the case, most States’ ethical rules prohibit attorneys from advancing money to clients.
Unfortunately, the bills keep coming, and you are up against it financially. Even though you have a good case, you simply lack the resources to wait for a fair settlement. You consider taking a low-ball settlement just so you can survive.
How We Help?
We provide immediate funds to meet your needs during the litigation process. The money helps you ride out the process long enough to realize a fair recovery. No longer do you have to accept ridiculously low settlement offers.
The financing we offer is deemed “non-recourse”. What this essentially means is “no recovery — no return”. That is, if you do not recover monetary damages from the lawsuit, you owe us nothing.
Unfortunately, many lawsuit financing companies charge outrageous rates for advances. Often, plaintiffs must pay back 6 times what they were advanced. In other words, if you take an advance of $10,000.00 on your lawsuit from one of these companies, you would have to pay back $60,000.00 when you case settles. That is over 500% interest on your advance!
You can imagine what effect this may have on your settlement negotiations!
Let’s say you have an offer to settle your case for $100,000.00. Your attorney wants his costs and fees totaling approximately $40,000.00 and the funding company wants their $60,000.00.
There is nothing left for you!
And you are the one that is hurt!
So under this scenario, what is your incentive to settle? None. You might as well roll the dice and go to trial. Your lawyer does not want to do that. He wants to settle and get paid. A trial means he will have to incur more costs and risk losing the case altogether.
So what did you really accomplish with the funding? You just solved one problem and created another one. And the second problem is often bigger than the first!
Of course, the funding company will state they took an unusual risk and therefore are entitled to an unusual return. This is just a ploy to separate you from your money.
How We Differ?
Fair Rate Funding is not your normal lawsuit advance company. Each case is analyzed individually. We do not take risky cases and charge a ridiculous rate. If we approve your case, you know you have a very good chance to recover a settlement.
Our rates are among the lowest in the business. We charge only 35% for the first year and 25% for each year thereafter (for preferred cases) and this is simple interest – not compounding.
Best of all, when the case settles, there is almost always money left for you. After all, you are the one who is injured.
We are able to do this because we have extensive experience in this field. We assess the risks and offer a “fair rate” to our clients.
I understand your situation. I practiced personal injury law for over 15 years. I represented people who were in dire need of cash just to pay for necessities while insurance companies ignored our efforts and prolonged the process as long as possible.
Our staff has been advancing money on lawsuits since the business started in the late 1990’s. They are experienced, courteous, thorough, fair, and always understanding of your situation.
If you have a lawsuit and need cash immediately — we can help you!
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