One of the most common personal injury cases involving lawsuit settlement funding are “slip and fall” accidents. Basic negligence law states any invitee to a premises, whether a home, sidewalk, store front, etc., is owed a duty of care to keep him/her safe from physical harm. The duty is owed by the property owner who must ensure visitors’ safety by reasonable means. When this duty is breached, the property owner may be sued for negligence.

In some instances, physical ‘damages’ cannot be undone but monetary compensation is offered in the alternative. “Slip and fall” or “trip and fall” accident victims may never be made whole, but money can ease the burden.

There are many examples of slip and fall cases. Falling through a staircase and hurting your leg, slipping on ice and hurting your hip, and slipping on a tomato at a grocery store are all examples of typical slip and fall cases. The common thread in these examples is that the accident area was supposed to be maintained and the injury was caused by that failure.

Because victims’ injuries are often severe in slip and fall accident cases, the successful resolution of the lawsuit usually takes time. It is not uncommon for a slip/trip and fall case to take several years to reach its conclusion. In addition, extensive medical treatment is usually required which further delays the process.

While all of this is occurring, plaintiffs may endure severe emotional and financial stress. Extra financial flexibility in the form of cash is always welcome under these circumstances. This is the way we can help you!